We are pleased to announce immediate availability of Micronaut Coherence 1.0.0, the official integration of Oracle Coherence with Micronaut Framework.

Micronaut Coherence provides support for a number of Micronaut features:

Dependency Injection of Coherence Objects

The micronaut-coherence module provides bean factories for commonly used Coherence objects, such as Cluster, Session, NamedMap, NamedCache, NamedTopic, and many…

Deploy Coherence application to a Kubernetes cluster, and then scale, monitor and manage that cluster

This article was originally published in Java Magazine, on January 15, 2021.

Oracle Coherence started as a distributed caching product and then evolved into an in-memory data grid. It’s an essential tool for improving the performance and scalability of Java applications, and it’s widely used for large-scale projects — think…

Aleks Seovic

Father of three, husband; Coherence Architect @ Oracle; decent tennis player, average golfer; sailor at heart, trapped in a power boat

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